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"The benefits of acupressure are greatly underappreciated"

"Pain-free way to de-stress, improve your circulation and relax your muscles (rather than penetrate the skin, as in acupuncture)."

"Participants experienced a significant increase in the quantity and quality of their sleep"

"Of the more than 300 Chines acupuncture points, Li4 (Hegu) in clinical practice seems to be one of the most useful."

"Consider acupressure to help you sleep better. A good night´s sleep is vital to brain health. Research shows that acupressure may relieve chronic insomnia."

"The concept of acupressure as a non-invasive complementary medicine treatment has stood the test of time."

We carefully designed ZpikesTape so that you can get constant pressure to the most beloved acupuncture point of all time (Li4) because of its many benefits.

A specially designed elastic nylon tape with a hemisphere that provides constant acupressure. The product is water-resistant hypoallergenic, skin-friendly, breathable and easy to apply.

Acupressure works by stimulating peripheral nerves and connective tissue that release transmitters that have an effect on the central and autonomic nervous system. The central nervous system is activated and releases chemicals and neurotransmitters such as endorphins and serotonin to the spinal cord, muscles and brain. The resulting biochemical changes affect the body's homeostatic mechanisms, and promote physical and emotional well-being, as well as relaxation and pain relief. Earlier, this pressure has been applied by using his or her fingers.

Acupressure is a 3,000-year-old well-known treatment method and is probably the oldest medical system we know of. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture (acupuncture is penetrating the skin, acupressure is pressure on the skin). Traditionally, this pressure has been applied by a person with his or her fingers. With ZpikesTape you get the pressure constant.

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Apply ZpikesTape at the acupoint between the thumb and forefinger (Li4). Always apply both hands. By applying ZpikesTape prophylactically or after stress, anxiety, restlessness, muscle tension, pain has arisen, the body will then relax and calm down. By applying ZpikesTape 1 hour before bedtime, you can fall asleep faster and sleep deeper so that you wake up 100% rested.

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Repeated stimulation towards the acupoint increases the efficiency for optimal user experience. Maximum length per application is 22 hours. Minimum 2 hours before next application.

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Carefully remove ZpikesTape. Use a plaster removal spray or hot water for the most gentle removal.


Why choose side-effect free?

Overconsumption of preparations with side-effects is a major problem. The knowledge is often too small and the side-effects can be serious.

Researchers and studies points to the same result; acupressure stimulation to li4 promotes physical and emotional well-being, as well as relaxation and pain relief.

Apply ZpikesTape and live the life of your dreams with constant acupressure. Pain free, tension free and fully rested after a good night sleep.



With prolonged pain, it is important to consider the side-effects that comes with traditional painkillers. Non-drug measures to regulate and calm the nervous system, and reduce pain are therefore very important.

By applying ZpikesTape, the central nervous system will be activated and release neurotransmitters such as endorphins and serotonins. The result is pain relief, tension relief, and the sense of relaxation and well being.



ZpikesTape promotes relaxation and deactivation of the "analytical part" of the brain, which is responsible for sleep problems. Your mind and body will relax so that you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed and energized.

Studies show that acupressure has a significantly better effect than drugs (usually benzodiazepines) for increased sleep quality (The Acupuncture Association).



Boost your energy level with ZpikesTape by engaging in active Li4 stimulation. Where ZpikesTape goes, energy flows.

Meet Marius

My name is Marius and this is a picture from Lofoten, Norway. I made ZpikesTape for my self, and my rheumatic pains. After 13 years of alcohol and drug abuse to self medicate my emotional, physical and mental pain, I finally reached the bottom.

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When I got back from a twelve step rehab, I did not dare to take pills anymore and had to find a side-effect free solution. When I felt how it was to utilize the body's amazing potential with acupressure I knew I had to share it with others. Maybe ZpikesTape can change your life as it has for me and 25 000 Norwegians.

Tested by 25.000 people with great results

4.7 / 5
4.7 / 5

After I started using ZpikesTape I finally sleep like a child again. I love the energy boost that comes with a good night sleep.

As a broker I'm required  to perform every day. After I started using ZpikesTape, I have more energy even though I haven't hit the gym as much as usual. More  importantly, more energy for family, friends.

I experienced a deeper sleep and felt more rested. Faster recovery that resulted in even more energy and power at the gym🤩

ZpikesTape can help restore the body's natural balance which makes it more equipped to recover. For example, LI4 is a super point in acupuncture for relaxing the body and increasing the immune system.

ZpikesTape has become the number one choice for increased sleep quality. I recommend people who want to achieve headache relief and the best sleep quality without drugs to try out ZpikesTape! I fall asleep faster, gets deeper sleep and have more energy in an otherwise hectic everyday life.

I recommend using ZpikesTape for those who want self-treatment without the use of drugs, for example for pain relief, sleep problems and local circulation problems


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I have great confidence in the ZpikesMethod. Thats why I offer you a guarantee.

If your smartwatch / activity bracelet doesn't show any improvement in your sleep quality, or in other ways are not satisfied while using ZpikesTape, you get your money back.

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