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ZpikesMat Kit


Tension relief and the feeling of relaxation and well-being.

We carefully designed the world first ergonomical nail mat that flows with the curvature of the back.

The ZpikesMat kit contains a 7 minute practice that starts with a Tibetan breathing exercise and ends with a delightful meditation. Only 7 minutes is enough.

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ZpikesMat & Pillow
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"There's no denying that 10 minutes of mindful breathing with those little pokers in my back eases tension, produces tingly feels, and is all-around soothing after a long-ass day."

"To my surprise, the spikes actually felt good, making my back feel warm and tingly. After 10 minutes, I was completely relaxed, as if I’d had a wonderful massage"

"What sounds better than laying down an acupressure mat in the comfort of your own home after a long day’s work? Bring on the relaxation please!"

Small plastic protrusions apply pressure to specific parts of the body reducing anxiety, pain, improving sleep quality, and even relieving migraines. I use it myself and love the moment my back gets warm from the blood circulation. amazing autotherapy for everyone with a chronic pain.

It’s amazing how you can kickstart the body with a little shock straight out of bed. I have been taking cold showers for years, and have now added the ZpikesMethod to my daily morning routine.